Why It’s Not a Stretch to Stretch Daily: 4 Benefits of Daily Stretching

Daily Stretching has many benefits

Stretching Is A Great Addition To Your Daily Routine

There are many things that we are told we should be doing daily. Some of them are quick, easy, and almost intuitive, like brushing your teeth or taking a multivitamin. Others tend to be a bit more difficult to maintain, like exercise, tidying the house, or even getting enough sleep. All of these tasks, no matter the size, do have benefits as we strive to make them part of our daily routine. We often hear that stretching is essential before and after physical activity, but it is also another great thing to add to daily your routine for various benefits.

Increases Range of Motion

Our joints are incredibly important parts of us. We have them from the beginning of our lives until the end. Thus, it is important to keep them strong and healthy. One way to keep your joints healthy and increase your range of motion is through consistent daily stretching. A study done by the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation at Memorial University showed that this consistent stretching can lead to an increase of joint mobility and range of motion of up to 30%. This increase of range of motion can help to alleviate pains and even improve posture. 

Decreases Stress

Stress is an important part of life, and it is not inherently a bad thing. However, there are times where we may start to feel weighed down by the many tasks and stresses we are confronted with. One way to decrease our stress levels is to workout and stretch. Stress is carried in different parts of your body, and stretching can help to loosen up those areas and thus relieve your stress. This is why so many people incorporate workouts such as yoga into their daily routines.

Boosts Energy Levels

Along with decreasing your stress, daily stretching can increase your energy levels. We all have so many different things on our plates, and that requires energy, Daily stretching can increase your energy levels throughout the day. This way, you can feel ready and prepared to face any challenges. Furthermore, if you begin to lose steam, stretching throughout the day can help increase energy. It has similar effects to drinking caffeine, but it is free. Stretching in the morning, afternoon, or evening will boost energy levels. 

Prevents Injury

At Impact Physical Therapy, we strive for all our clients to live happy, healthy lifestyles. A great way to start that is by insuring that injuries are prevented where they can be. Stretching is a great way to prevent injury. If you are unsure of how to begin your daily stretches, or what would work best for your specific lifestyle, we recommend meeting with one of our highly skilled physical therapists. They will be able to assess you and create a tailored plan that will help you stay happy and healthy. 

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