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Improve Your Health This October

Physical Therapists can help to improve mobility and flexibility

Happy Physical Therapy Month: How Physical Therapy Will Improve Daily Living

Did you know that October is the National Physical Therapy month? For this exciting celebration, we decided to tell you why you should consider going to physical therapy and how doing so will improve your lifestyle.

Physical Therapy Can Eliminate the Need for Surgery

Many times, physical therapy can be done and improve an injury to the extent that surgery becomes unnecessary. We had a patient come in last year who was experiencing lots of pain and discomfort due to sciatica. His doctor had recommended that he start thinking about surgery, but he requested some more physical therapy beforehand. After meeting with the therapists at Impact, he was able to find ways to increase mobility and pain management. Physical therapy techniques helped him find an alternative to surgery. Today, he still works on the exercises given to him by his therapist, and his overall health has increased. He does not feel the affects of sciatica that he once felt. He truly saw real results. This is the case for many different patients with many different situations.

Physical Therapy Can Improve Balance and Decrease Falls

Here in the Pacific Northwest, temperatures are changing. The air around us is getting crisper, and soon we will be needing to grab our winter coats, even if just to walk to and from our cars. A fall during this time could cause a lot of serious, preventable damage. Luckily, we are here to help prevent that. Many falls can be prevented through improving balance. A study conducted by the Institute for Research in Biomedicine- Barcelona by Dr. Jesus Seco found significant increases in balance in older individuals that took part in a regular physical activity training program. So, as one goes to consistent physical therapy appointments, they will see an increase in balance that will lead to a decrease in dangerous falls.

Physical Therapy Will Improve Mobility

Whether you are just returning to exercise after surgery, or you just want to improve your overall health, physical therapy can and will improve your mobility. There are some injuries that require surgical correction, and for those, physical therapists are here afterwards to help you get back as much function as possible. Throughout life, mobility is important. It leads to an overall healthier body and mindset. Physical Therapy has shown to improve mobility through various regiments and exercise programs. If you want your mobility to increase, now is the time to check out the power of physical therapy.

Physical Therapists Want You to Succeed

At Impact Physical Therapy, we care about the individual. We strive to ensure that all of our patients are cared for and see the improvements they need. By focusing on the individual, we ensure that they receive the best quality care. We truly want to see you get better, and our methods and practices reflect our desire to see our patients live happy, healthy lives.


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