The Power of Individualization

Here at Impact Physical Therapy, We Strive to Individualize

Physical Therapy, like every other medical discipline, is best implemented when it is catered to the individual. It is very similar to how hiring a personal trainer will most likely give you much better results than just simply watching a workout video. The workout video leads without input. It is not catered to the individual, but a one size fits all. The personal trainer is able to see you, access your strengths and weaknesses and then make a plan to focus on those things. At Impact Physical Therapy, we know that there is so much power in individualization. That is why we, as a clinic, strive to help each of our clients reach their goals by implementing plans that are specified to the individual. There are many ways we try to facilitate this.

We actively listen to our clients.

At the first meeting, we try to ensure an environment where the client is comfortable and so they feel that they are able to express their desired outcomes. Then, we make sure to really listen to what they are saying and then base our plan off of that. A seventeen year old, with plans to play college baseball, will have a different regime than a seventy year old who wants to keep up his gardening, even though they are both experiencing the same shoulder injury. By doing this, we make sure to not only talk to our clients, but take what they are saying and create a plan around it.

We do not use Physical Therapy aides.

At Impact Physical Therapy, we want to ensure that we are there with our patients every step of the way. One way that we do this is by not using any sort of therapy aide. We are not going to leave our clients in the hands of anyone other than ourselves.  During the appointment, We stay with each client. The therapists work with the patients through their exercises. We help make tweaks when necessary. We are always available to help. By doing this, we see an increase in happiness and overall success for our patients.

We strive to diversify our skillsets in order to best help our patients.

One of our therapists, Hochin An, is a Korean speaking therapist. He is able to use that skill to help effectively communicate with many different patients. And of course, we know that with physical therapy, individualization requires communication, so being able to communicate with your therapist is a necessity. We also work to have our clinicians consistently learning and growing. There are many workshops throughout the year that help teach new skills and methods. This allows us to be focus on many different services. This constant improvement is done with the goal  be able to meet the growing needs of our patients.

Here at Impact Physical Therapy, we take the success of our patients seriously. We know that by getting to know and working with the individual, we will see more long run successful outcomes.

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