Locally Owned and Run by a Physical Therapist

Laurel Maier, LMT

We want to make a real impact on your recovery process so you can get back to doing the things you love. Our patients are always treated by a doctor of physical therapy.

Laurel graduated from Whatcom Community College as a licensed massage therapist.

Her specialties include:

Neuromuscular and fascial modalities including Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Technique, Trigger Point therapy, Deep tissue and Swedish massage. She recently became certified in a technique called the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR). This particular treatment addresses the underlying scar tissue from surgeries or tissue traumas as listed below:

MSTR is used for:

  • Caesarian section scars
  • Hysterectomy scars
  • Spinal surgery scars
  • Trauma scars
  • Head wound scars
  • Mastectomy scars
  • Amputation scars
  • Underlying scar tissue from laparoscopic surgery
  • Burns
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Certain cases of frozen shoulder
  • Sports injuries
  • Underlying scar tissue from surgeries or tissue traumas
  • Any areas of dense fibrous tissue

Laurel spends her spare time hiking, reading and raising her daughter.


"I went into ImpactPT for an ankle problem that had plagued me for months. It left me basically unable to walk on it after playing a soccer game. Within minutes they had my diagnoses and then fitted my foot for orthopedic insole. After using the insole for a few weeks, there was a noticeable improvement after playing soccer or hiking. Within a couple of months there was absolutely no pain."

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