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Barry Reiss

We want to make a real impact on your recovery process so you can get back to doing the things you love. Our patients are always treated by a doctor of physical therapy.

Barry became interested in the field of physical therapy after a serious ankle injury and being a physical therapy patient for nearly a year. Barry subsequently decided to change careers and went on to graduate with a masters degree in physical therapy from the University of Washington. He has a special interest in amputee gait training. Few physical therapists have advanced training in this specialty and in addition to the advanced coursework he's taken, Barry continues to pursue orthopedic and manual therapy training that he can use toward the full rehabilitation and continued well being of amputee patients. Barry has treated amputees throughout his 14 years as a physical therapist working in the acute care, in-patient rehab, and out-patient settings.

Barry was born in Port Angeles, Washington and grew up in a military family. He has lived or gone to school in several states, as well as in Japan and France. He's traveled in Africa, Australia and the southeast Pacific. Barry enjoys wildlife photography on land and underwater. He's traveled with his cameras on every continent except Antarctica and has dived with them in all of the world's oceans. Barry enjoys being "home" in the Pacific Northwest.


Member of the APTA

Amputee Coalition


"I went into ImpactPT for an ankle problem that had plagued me for months. It left me basically unable to walk on it after playing a soccer game. Within minutes they had my diagnoses and then fitted my foot for orthopedic insole. After using the insole for a few weeks, there was a noticeable improvement after playing soccer or hiking. Within a couple of months there was absolutely no pain."

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